To my little chunk of the webosphere! Here I'll be keeping all my geeky fiddlings and intrigues for the world to see, some of it useful, some of it bizarre and some just complete and utter rubbish that I find distracting.

My name is Rupert and I'm a professional web developer/techie/pointed headed geeky type with a love of the internet and all things electrical. I'm fairly eclectic in my interests and essentially needed a place where I could inflict share my obsessions with the world. This site has undergone many re-modellings and changes (most of which have never made it to upload) but I have FINALLY settled upon the idea that this site will be my little haven in the ever changing tides of the information age.

A little more...

I'm currently working as part of the David and Joe Ltd. web development and programming team. David and Joe Ltd. run a number of popular gay social networking sites such as Fitlads, the second most popular gay dating site in the UK and Lezza.co.uk, a recently established but rapidly growing lesbian dating community.


I have uploaded this site but unfortunately a number of areas are unfinished so bear with me!

Rupert Sharp

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